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This site has three sections: (1.) country rock and rock-a-billy songs, including some funny ones; (2.) ballads, inspirational and political protest songs; (3.) songs about motorcycles and classic cars, including songs about Harleys, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Dodge, DeSoto, etc.,

Clicking on the song title or image, wait a couple of seconds and you will hear a free sample. For six of the songs you can stream the entire song for free. For other songs go to your favorite online streaming service. We hope you will download your favorite songs for about $1 each from them because streaming pays such miniscule royalties it takes 10,000 streams to amount to $1. (This is a rough average and is true for every musician that is on a streaming service.) You can buy CD's directly from Randy email:


A Little Bit of Paradise small image

A Little Bit of Paradise

Country pop style song about a guy praising his girlfriend/wife, very upbeat. (Guitar and production by Al Smith. Remixing by Tom Paterson. Violin superbly played by Peter Smith.)

Beer pitcher and mugs

Drinkin' Buddies

The world's new drinking anthem! Fun, catchy, upbeat country pop song with background babble and tinkling glasses recorded at a Latino night club, a musicians' party and a blue collar bar. You will want to sing along after a few beers. It may remind you of Merle Haggard or Johhny Horton. (Produced and instruments by Mark Sepic.) Watch the Youtube video at:

Stress head

How Much Stress Can a Man Take?

subtitle: "Recession Depression"

Catchy country song about a dude who gets laid off, creating financial and marital stress. Sad story but not a downer song - has a couple of lines which makes everyone laugh. Stylistically similar to Tennessee Ernie Ford, Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings. (Instruments and production and backup vocals by Mark Sepic.)

Jenny and Jilly colored bars


1950's style hard rock song with faux Jerry Lee Lewis piano style. (Mark Sepic plays the instruments on this one and produced it.) This song was originally composed by Randy back in 1963 when he was still in High School, but the lyrics have been updated to make it more contemporary. Now its about a pair of exotic pole dancers who drive the audience wild.

NYC aerial view with country insert

Stuck in the City with a Country Heart

Rock-a-billy, country-blues with really cool guitar and harmonica by Mark Sepic about how so many of us feel about having to live in a big city with its crime, noise and road rage, because of job or relatives, but longing to live in the country.



Catchy, danceable country tune about an attractive cowgirl and square dancing. In the Billy Ray Cyrus "Achey Breaky Heart" style. Another lawyer-musician said it reminded him of Merle Haggard. (Mark Sepic plays the guitar on this catchy tune and produced it.)



Upbeat country song, patriotic tribute to the country and western lifestyle and working class heroes. Mark Sepic plays the guitar on this catchy tune and produced it.)

Texas horse rider

Long Way to Texas

Upbeat country rock song about a cattle drive and a sexy cowgirl, en route to Texas. (Production and instruments played by Mark Sepic who also did backup vocals.)

Lonely Retiree

The Lonely Retiree

(The Pontiac Grand Prix song.) Auto-biographical Country music song about Randy - a guy who has had many different jobs and finally retires to the country, alone. Except in real life Randy is only semi-retired and still works as a lawyer and a musician and spends way too much time keeping his old motorcycles running and looking good. (Production and instrumentation by Tom Paterson.)
End of the World

The End of the World Hop

A 1950's rocker with some modern style rap about the end of the world (Russian invasion of Ukraine, Iran getting nuclear weapons, North Korea threatening to use them). A lively dance tune, hence the word "Hop" despite the lyrics. Kudos to my new online producer and guitarist and keyboard player Henry Klisowski who did a great job and (ironically for this song) is Russian. You can hire him online at

Grim Reaper image


A change of pace - not the typical Randy and the Retreads style; more hard rock, Heavy Metal (Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Metallica) or at least "Light Metal" to coin a phrase. The song is about death which is always riding with us. However as with many of Randy's songs there is a humorous thread woven into this one (especially near the end). Steppenwolf style guitar riffs played by Mark Sepic, who produced this song.

Hand Me Downs

Hand Me Downs

Funny song about a poor kid who has to wear his older cousins' clothes once they have grown out of them, and gets fed up with the limited menu in the fridge, and having to listen to his parents' old fashioned music. Imagine a hillbilly family sitting in front of their cabin for this one. (Instruments and production by Mark Sepic.)
The Argument

The Argument

a.k.a. "Irreconcilable Differences". A bouncy, humorous argument between a couple; mixture of Reggae and country guitar for the melody, while an increasingly drunken Mexican mariachi band plays the chorus. Duet with Naomi Tyrrell. Produced by Mark Sepic.
Pair of Pears

Don't You Know

Easy Listenin' Country Pop. (Production, instruments and back up vocals by Mark Sepic.)

Stumblefoot Blues song image

The Stumblefoot Blues

Easy Listenin' Old Style Country Western song. (Production and back up vocals by Tom Paterson. Instruments played by Tom, except harmonica by Bird Stafford.)


Nuclear bomb blast

How the Hell

Reminiscent of CCR/ John Fogerty country rock, but with a 1950's bass guitar, also a bit of a cross between an early 1960's folk "protest" song and the AC-DC style, sung in an angry style with political and ecological lyrics about how and why the world became such a mess, blaming corporations, politicians, military, religious fanatics. (Production and instruments by Mark Sepic.)

So Easy to Love image

So Easy to Love

Romantic pop music ballad, male female duet with Kim Doolittle. Produced by Mark Sepic. Superb flute playing by Bryan Vaillancourt. The flute really takes the song to a higher level. Watch the Youtube video at:

Seize the Day

Seize the Day

An idealistic call to change the world. Produced by Mark Sepic.

World Vision

World Vision

a.k.a. "Vision for the World". This beautiful, poignant song urges us to either donate money or time and effort to help victims of famines, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters, natural or man-made. Produced by Mark Sepic.

You Know I Love You Baby

You Know I Love You Baby

Rock ballad about a guy who is so impressed with girlfriend's personality and talents. Great acid jazz style guitar playing by Mark Sepic.

Leonard Cohen tribute

Leonard's Lament

A tribute and biography for Leonard Cohen.



Fast paced country swing style song about an old Hog breakdown and how the rider gets help from other riders. If you are a real biker of Harley, Indian, or English brands of the 1950-75 era, and in the mood for a chuckle, this song will bring a smile to your face. The image you see to the left is Randy's old 1951 EL, which he often worked on. (Produced by Mark Sepic.) Watch the Youtube video at


I Want to Ride image

I Want to Ride (Let's Ride)

Bouncy, upbeat biker song in country-surfer style about a guy who wants to ride his Harley decker and his chopper. (Production and instruments played by Mark Sepic.) Watch the Youtube video at:

Fast Frenzy image

Fast Frenzy

Dedicated to hot rods, racing cars (and boats and motorcycles), dragsters, anything to do with engines and acceleration. (Production by Tom Paterson, guitar and piano by Mark Gillogly, harmonica by Bird Stafford.)

Rusty Cadillac in Desert

Ode to America's Old Automobiles

This song is a tribute to the American cars of the 1930's thru 1970's, and their importance to our culture and economy. Slightly melancholy medium paced country style music with guitar and harmonica by Mark Sepic. Produced by Mark Sepic.


A change of pace from country rock, this is a sort of 1950's jazz, pseudo-documentary based on the major incident in Hollister, California in 1947 where drunken bikers from competing gangs partied hard, entertained the locals with their antics, and fought each other and basically took over the town until state police arrived. Randy envisages this as an imaginary theme to "The Wild One" movie of 1953, the first outlaw biker film, starring Marlon Brando as "Johnny" and Lee Marvin as "Chino". Trumpet and saxophone played superbly by Ron Matthews. Motorcycle and police sound effects and narration by Mark Sepic, who also sings the part of the Sheriff whom the bikers lock up in his own jail. Reminds some people a bit of the Pink Panther movie theme from the sixties and others of music in Fellini films. One musician said it reminded him of Chet Baker, a great trumpet player with a sad life. The sample runs just over a minute; the full version of the song runs about 6.5 minutes. This new shorter version simply called "Hollister" runs 3.3 minutes.

1955 Mercury light green

The Mighty Mercury

This song is a Rock-a-billy tribute to the Mercury car, focussing on 1949 thru 1961. (Production and instruments played by Mark Sepic.)

Tribute to Oldsmobile

Light rock song dedicated to the Oldsmobile car. Lyrics set out the history of the company and the many famous Oldsmobile models over nearly 100 years, and praises them. Five minutes and 50 seconds long. (Produced by Tom Paterson. Guitar and piano by Mark Gillogly.)

old Dodge maroon with logo

The DODGE Name

Tribute to Dodge cars and trucks. The history from the beginning to now. References to the many models of Dodge cars and engines, racing wins and the Dukes of Hazzard. Rockabilly style. (Production and instruments by Mark Sepic.)

DeSoto with tail fins


Tribute to DeSoto cars. History and models, also references to Chrsyler where they shared the same new technology. Country style, upbeat, toe tappin'. (Production and instruments by Mark Sepic.)

CD featuring ten of the car and motorcycle songs plus "Jenny and Jilly" and "Drinkin' Buddies" and "Cowgirl Promenade" is available. Title is: OLD CARS, MOTORCYCLES, BUDDIES & NEW GALS
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The CD "Canuck" has eleven (11) songs (price $15 Canadian or $10 U.S., free delivery) There are only three left.

Canuck CoverCanuck Contents

All songs written by Randy. All songs sung by Randy except where noted.


Randy and his band are all at least 50 years old, hence the name "Retreads" as in tire retreads. Randy idolized Buddy Holly and started composing and singing songs in High School, and he played trombone in the school symphony, but then he got distracted by other things for many years. After a career as a social scientist and then a lawyer, and a couple of divorces, he has returned to his "first love" music. Doing family law (divorce and separation) has inspired some of his country song lyrics. He is now 3/4 retired from his Toronto law practice to focus on the music. was born in Toronto and has lived in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Victoria, B.C., Vancouver B.C., Edmonton, Alberta, Auckland New Zealand, Wellington N.Z., and Western New York (Buffalo/Niagara area). He also spends time with friends in the Hamilton/Burlington area of Ontario. His classic motorcycle riding and restoration hobby has inspired his "Biker Music". He has several old English bikes (Triumph, BSA, Ariel, Matchless, Panther) and two old Harleys (1964 Duo-Glide and 1966 Sportster) and a 2001 Moto-Guzzi, a early 1969 Honda Hellcat, a 1972 CB450, a 1976 CB500T and a Honda 250 dirt bike. He is the webmaster of Indian Chief


At present we only play in the Southern Ontario region of Canada, no more than a four hour drive from Toronto. e.g. Cornwall to the East, Ottawa to the NE, Sudbury to the N, Windsor to the W and Niagara region to the SW. We do not perform to audiences of less than 50 people. email at least six weeks in advance of the event date.



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The two photos of me working on an old Harley were taken 48 years apart. Progress? Still trying to start the latter one. (Lesson learned: throw out twin points on 1961-64 Panheads.) In the 1967 photo the Hog was 17 years old, and in the 2015 photo the Hog was 51 years old. The image of me on my 1966 Sportster XLH in the logo at top of this website was taken in Seattle in 2006 after a forty year search for one. I finally got that bike running in 2015, thanks to superb, perfectionist Harley mechanic Jim Dixon of Sanborn NY. tel 716-201-2008. Next shot is me on my 2001 Moto-Guzzi California in 2012. (Lesson learned: buy a Guzzi 1100 or the new 1400). The Jeepster Commando below that is a 1971 model, photo taken around 1999. Last photo of me and Margaret Kasala and my 1947 Indian Chief chopper was taken in Niagara Falls in 1970. (Lesson learned: If you got a good wife who loves you, hold on to her.)

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